Coffee machine security at your office

Brandonno wants you to enjoy your delicious coffee merrily, but also safely! The modern coffee makers are often equipped with all the facilities. For example, you can easily choose some fresh milk instead of instant powdered milk. The cleaning work is limited to a minimum, you can update your coffee maker online or from a distance with the assistance of an application, or your smartphone, and make yourself some of your favorite coffee.
Barista at work
It’s also worth to consider connecting your coffee maker to the Internet. What are the pros and cons, and first of all, “how does the security issue look like?” We’ll be happy to help, especially regarding safety, so that your decision is the most well-thought-out one. If possible, avoid wireless Internet. This type of signal is easier to intercept and manipulate than that of a dedicated line. However, if this isn’t possible, always set a password to the wi-fi network Internet. What’s more, both in case of using a wireless network Internet, and a dedicated line, it’s advisable to use a separate or guest network. So this is all about a loose network separated from your company network. If your coffee maker would’ve been hacked in such a case, there’ll be no consequences regarding any important company information. That is to say, this information’s not available at all. Always check if a password can be entered into the coffee maker and then set such a password. Of course, the password can’t be one that can be guessed easily, and at the same time, it also can’t be one that’s already being used somewhere.
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