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We believe in cooperation

Without our partners, resellers, and distributors at home and abroad, we cannot deliver our desired quality and service. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new collaborations. Whether it is a reseller status or an exclusive distribution right, we are happy to get in touch to shape the cooperation in the right way.

fragrant grain coffee machine outdoors

Coffee with a sustainable slant

We wear the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval with pride. It shows that we are working sustainably in all areas of growing and harvesting the coffee berries.

With the environment in mind, we didn’t just stop at the way the coffee is grown and roasted; We chose environmentally friendly packaging.

Circular packaging

We have been the first in the world to package our coffee in mono-plastic since 2016. This means that our packaging can be 100% recycled not only theoretically but also in practice. This is where we really make a difference for a better circular world. Every package, Zero-Waste!

Affordable with a kick

Our coffee contains more caffeine than average, allowing you to beat the day with more energy. Be the best version of yourself and change the world!

In addition, we are affordable, so we can really make a substantial difference!

Amazing Taste, Zero Waste!

Brandonno is unique, in product and collaboration. We are here for everyone. From reseller to distributor.

Attractive purchase prices

We are committed to a partnership that should have clear benefits for each party.

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Easy ordering via our b2b webshop.

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Brandonno in your webshop?

50% robusta - 50% Arabica

Coming in Q1 2022


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Rainforest Alliance

100% Arabica

Coming in Q3 2022


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Rainforest Alliance

So we have great quality coffee that is roasted according to original Italian recipe, has above average caffeine, is packaged in cool, sustainable packaging and helps reduce waste. Now, of course, you’re thinking: that coffee is way too expensive. But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have a webshop, inquire about opportunities to sell Brandonno as well!