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We cannot deliver our desired quality and service without our partners, resellers and distributors. That is why we are constantly looking for new collaborations. Whether it concerns a reseller status or an exclusive distribution right, we would like to get in touch to shape the collaboration.
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Sustainable coffee

We proudly present the Rainforest Alliance mark on our packaging. This mark shows that we operate in a sustainable way in all areas of cultivation and harvesting of coffee.

When considering the environment, we didn’t just stop at the way the coffee is grown and roasted; we chose to use environmentally-responsible packaging.Our coffee is packaged in mono-plastic bags, which protects the coffee from moisture and flavour loss. As the name suggests, the packaging is made from one type of plastic, which allows for excellent recyclability and reuse of the packaging after use.

Circulair packaging

Since 2016, we are the first company in the world that packs coffee in mono-plastic packaging, which means that the packaging is 100% recyclable. Not only in theory, but also in practice. This is how we really change the world for the better, co-creating a closed cycle economy. And this is what we do with every packaging. Zero waste!

Budget-friendly with a kick

Our coffee has a lot more caffeine than ordinary, average coffee, thanks to which you can start your day with more energy. Be the best version of yourself and change the world!

What’s more, we are budget-friendly, which also sets us apart from others!

Amazing Taste, Zero Waste!

Brandonno is unique in taste and collaboration. We are there for everyone. From consumer to distributor.

Attractive purchase prices

We are going for a cooperation that must have clear advantages for each party.

Reseller webshop

Easy ordering via our b2b webshop.

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50% robusta - 50% Arabica

Coming in Q1 2022


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Rainforest Alliance

100% Arabica

Coming in Q3 2022


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Rainforest Alliance

Change the world thanks to Italian coffee of perfect quality! It has a nice ring to it, and you can help with that. If you have an online store, be sure to ask about the possibility of selling Brandonno coffee!