Why our packaging is great for coffee and the planet

Excessive waste, plastic pollution and climate change. Now more than ever we need to be environmentally responsible. At Brandonno we recognize that we have a responsibility to the environment; that’s why everything we do is done to minimize our ecological footprint. We do this in a number of ways: by reducing our waste, water usage, forest impact, and also only using coffee beans that are Rainforest Alliance certified.

When considering the environment, we didn’t just stop at the way the coffee is grown and roasted; we chose to use environmentally-responsible packaging.

Our coffee is packaged in mono-plastic bags, which protects the coffee from moisture and flavour loss. But what exactly is mono-plastic? Mono-plastic packaging is a more sustainable choice when compared to traditional plastic packaging. As the name suggests, the packaging is made from one type of plastic. This is particularly important as it allows for better recyclability and reuse of the packaging after use. The more times plastic can be recycled and repurposed into something else, the less reliance we have on environmentally-damaging fossil fuels. Essentially, the use of mono-plastics is the way of the future.

Unfortunately many other coffee manufacturers are using multi-layered films and multi-plastic packages. The problem with this type of packaging is that it requires further processing to separate out the plastics and the risks of contaminating a recycling stream is high.

Furthermore, at Brandonno we have made a conscious decision to not use aluminium in our packaging due to its very negative impact on the environment. Aluminium requires high energy to source and manufacture, and has a huge impact on land clearing.

Our packaging will keep your coffee fresh and flavorsome, and you can sip away on your morning coffee knowing that together we work to make the world a better place!

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