What is Brandonno?

At Brandonno, we do love strong coffee. It helps you make the most of your day. Take a chance to turn your dreams into reality. Do your best and then enjoy the moment, because you deserve it. We say it for a reason: “Dare, do, enjoy!” Dare to act, and then enjoy.
Roasted brown coffee beans inside square tin can as a background
Each product, however, affects the world, the environment, and the climate. It was with that in mind that we laid the basis for Brandonno. When we were visiting one of the many coffee plantations in Brazil, we saw that part of the crops remained unharvested. Being curious and concerned, we asked the plantation farmer why some of the coffee cherries (coffee beans inside) had not been harvested. The farmer said that they were the failed harvest. The coffee cherries were not big enough and, therefore, unprofitable to harvest; it would be very costly, because production of a kilogram of coffee requires a large quantity of coffee fruit. That gave us food for thought. Now we are harvesting this part of the crops as well, and a small amount of it goes into our coffee blends. Look at the beans when you open a box. There are little ones among them. It is funny, isn’t it? And the taste is really strong. Such a tiny bean gives such a great taste. We call them little taste bombs. It is these baby beans that ensure Brandonno’s powerful flavour.
Of course, we buy the product from the farmer at a fair price, and we keep an eye on the rainforest nearby. For all of us, these issues are not only obvious, but also very important. That is why our products bear the Rainforest Alliance marking, something which we are very proud of.

The packaging of our coffee blends was also a big challenge. Each coffee pack is made of plastic and aluminium. There is a logic to it, since aluminium keeps coffee fresh and preserves its taste for a long time. Aluminium is, however, quite a polluting metal, because it takes a lot of energy to melt it. Moreover, the intensive extraction of aluminium significantly affects the habitat of farmers: it makes the land unsuitable for further cultivation. In addition, aluminium in the packaging cannot be recycled, which is a big problem that, unlike the so-called win-win situation, comes to a point where everyone loses.

We believe that a new coffee brand should not only offer a new flavour, but also be a trailblazer in other realms, that is why we choose durable aluminium-free packaging. Rest assured that it can also be recycled, and everyone wins.

Finally, all these things should be affordable to everyone. Otherwise, it makes no sense. By drinking good, strong Italian coffee every day, containing an above-average amount of caffeine, you quickly stop wasting money. For less than EUR 15 per kilogram, which is less than 0.11 for a cup, you get a coffee that really wakes you up and makes a difference, every time you enjoy it.

How can you check whether we operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner? We strictly observe the Rainforest Alliance Procedures. This allows us to mark our product packaging with their logo. You can also find the recycling mark on the packaging. Do you have an empty box of Brandonno? Because of the aluminium-free composition, it can go to the plastic waste and really be recycled. So, feel free to enjoy Brandonno. It is so much more than just good coffee.

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