About Us

Start your day with energy!

Our mission at Brandonno is to provide you with x-factor tasting coffee that is also socially and environmentally responsible. We are a coffee specialist brand and online retailer based in Amsterdam. The company is led and founded by coffee wizard Eelco Duindam whose passion for creating exceptional coffee blends started when he was young.

Where it started

Using his earnings from his first job (the paper route), Eelco invested in his first coffee machine where he began to experiment with coffee blends. For years, he researched the perfect way to source, roast and blend sustainable coffee to create a full-bodied flavour coffee with an extra kick. In September 2020 he launched Brandonno as a way to share his exceptional coffee with the world.

Our signature coffee blend is renowned for its rock-solid taste, strong caffeine kick, and sustainable values.

What separates our coffee from other brands is our four unique principles:

Principle #1We minimize waste in the coffee industry

We only use the smallest coffee beans available because they are jam-packed with a strong coffee aroma, which ultimately creates a superior flavour. The precise mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee-beans also provide a higher level of caffeine than the average brew.

Principle #2We are committed to being Rainforest Alliance Certified

Being ‘green’ is a big part of who we are at Brandonno; we recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment, and it’s why we only use coffee beans that are Rainforest Alliance certified. By choosing our products with this certification, you are choosing to protect our planet as well as the livelihoods of the farmers who grow the beans.

Principle #3We only use zero waste packaging

When considering the environment, we didn’t just stop at the way the coffee is grown and roasted; we chose to use environmentally-responsible packaging.Our coffee is packaged in mono-plastic bags, which protects the coffee from moisture and flavour loss. As the name suggests, the packaging is made from one type of plastic, which allows for excellent recyclability and reuse of the packaging after use.

Principle #4We want our coffee to be available to everyone

Our coffee is not only superior in flavour, but it is also affordable. A kg of Brandonno coffee will cost 14,99 €/kg. That’s only € 0.11 per cup, what is not to love about our sustainably sourced, high caffeine coffee?

So what are you waiting for? Start your day with our x-factor coffee!

This is your coffee, not your aunt’s